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About Hong Kong

Hong Kong is situated on the South China Sea and is a special administrative region of China. It’s one the most densely populated cities in the world. Nearly seven million people live in an area of 426 square miles. About 95 percent of Hong Kong’s citizens are Chinese descendants. 

The people here run one of the most vibrant economies in the world. They are paid well, and they work hard. The Hong Kong dollar is one of the most traded currencies in the world. The per capita income is among the highest on the globe. Hong Kong is mostly a service economy that specializes in trade and finance. 

Hong Kong established itself as a regional trading center in the early 7th century during the Tang Dynasty. Li Ying College was built here in 1075. 

Portuguese explorers arrived here in 1513. Merchants set up posts and started trading with the Chinese. China closed Hong Kong to foreigners in the early 17th century. The Kangxi Emperor ordered the evacuation of the area in 1661. Merchants straggled back to Hong Kong in 1669. Hong Kong became mostly a wasteland during the ordered evacuation. 

Britain's East India Company established trade with the Chinese in 1699. British forces occupied Hong Kong in the first Opium War in 1841. China formally ceded the Hong Kong island to Britain in 1842. Chinese and English merchants flooded into Hong Kong, increasing the population more than ten fold. It became a chief trade center for Europeans and Chinese. 

Japan invaded Hong Kong in 1941. The Japanese occupiers destroyed Hong Kong as a trading port. The population fell by more than one million people.

Hong Kong experienced rapid periods of growth in textile goods, trade, manufacturing, and services from the 1950s to the 1990s. In 1997, Britain returned control of Hong Kong to China. 

Summer in Hong Kong is hot and humid, while winter is mild. Typhoons hit the island on occasion, causing flooding and landslides. 

The island’s official language is Cantonese. English is widely spoken and understood by most. It’s the eighth most expensive city in the world. 

The citizens of Hong Kong don’t like to be called Chinese, preferring the names Hong Kongese or Hong Konger. It’s said that Hong Kong is where the East meets the West. That may be why either a Chinese or European can be dropped into Hong Kong, and they will both find themselves comfortably at home in no time.

Hong Kong Areas

  • Hong Kong Airport Hotels
    With almost fifty million visitors a year, Hong Kong International Airport is an important travel gateway whether you are traveling to or from China.

  • Hong Kong Stadium Hotels
    Being formerly known as the Government Stadium, Hong Kong Stadium is Hong Kong's largest sports and entertainment venue.

  • Downtown Hong Kong Hotels
    Hong Kong began in the early nineteenth century as an important port for trading. It was a British colony from 1842 until sovereign power was returned to the People's Republic of China in 1997.

  • Convention Center Hotels
    Located on Victoria Harbor in downtown Hong Kong, the Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre is China's premiere convention and exhibition facility.

  • Hong Kong Disneyland Hotels
    Located between Hong Kong International Airport and the downtown area, Hong Kong Disneyland attracts over four million visitors a year.

  • International Finance Centre Hotels
    The Happy Valley Racecourse is a horse racing track that was built in 1845. The course was originally built on swamp land.

  • Victoria Park Hotels
    Located North of the Hong Kong Central Library, Victoria Park is a public park named after Queen Victoria. The Park is the venue for many fairs, protests, and even television broadcasts.

  • Happy Valley Racecourse Hotels
    The Sydney Central Station, also known as the Sydney terminal, is located in Haymarket, near railway square.

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